How it works


You need to raise money for your big occasion. Maybe for your graduation, bar mitzvah, or wedding. But it's not always easy to ask for money as a gift. At PixGift, we make it easy, visual, and fun to soften the request for a cash gift and pool funds while making your gift-givers feel involved, appreciated and a part of a memory.


PixGift is not an ordinary cash registry. Unlike any other, you don’t need to add physical gifts from any store to have a cash registry. We design visual experiences to receive money in a way that carries emotional value and makes it memorable for your guest. Our rates reflect the value in creative services, graphic design and the handling of gifts and images.

Opening a PixGift registry is free. We make rates optional for your guest. You only absorb the unpaid fees that will be deducted at the end of your raised funds.

*Credit Card, Stripe/PayPal rates apply.

  • Guest Board up to 150 tiles:

    $1.50/tile + 4.8%/transaction

  • Guest Board larger than 150 tiles:

    $1.00/tile + 4.8%/transaction

  • Optional services:

    Picture mosaic by designer: $2/picture
    see example

    Thank you card by designer: $0.75/picture
    see example

*Credit Card, Stripe/PayPal rates apply.

X Thank you card
X Wedding Mosaic